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Fifteen years after the reawakening of Latin American cinema in the 1990s there is greater and more varied film production, more interconnectedness among national cinemas, more organized governmental funding, more young people studying film, and more film festivals in the region. However, it is exciting to see that the formal exploration and sense of urgency of those early films persists in the works of many new directors today, giving the region a sense of perpetual cinematic rebirth.  Join us as we explore the challenges of making a first and second film with some of the region's young new talents. Co-presented with Cinema Tropical and New York Women in Film and Television.

Mariana Chenillo, director, Paradise (Mexico)
Jose Luis Valle, director, The Searches (Mexico)
Neto Villalobos, director, All About the Feathers (Costa Rica)
Diego Araujo, director, Holiday (Ecuador)
Hanne-Lovise Skartveit, producer, Holiday (Ecuador)
Matías Rojas Valencia, director, Root (Chile)