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Unfortunately, Lav Diaz will no longer be in person at any screenings. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Special Offer for Norte Attendees: Present your ticket stub at the box office to receive discount $10 tickets to a rare screening of Melancholia on June 22, which kicks off Time Regained: The Films of Lav Diaz, the most complete American retrospective to date of this pioneering filmmaker.

In the northern Philippine province of Luzon, a law-school dropout commits a horrific double murder; a gentle family man takes the fall and receives a life sentence, leaving behind a wife and two kids. At their best, Lav Diaz’s marathon movies reveal just how much other films leave out. In his devastating twelfth feature (and at four-plus hours, one of his shortest), the broad canvas accommodates both the irreducible facts of individual experience and the cosmic sweep of time and space. A careful rethinking of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment shot in blazing color, this tour de force offers a masterful recapitulation of Diaz’s longstanding obsessions: cultural memory, national guilt, and the origin of evil. The wounds and defeats of Filipino history loom large in each of Diaz’s films. Fabian, Norte’s tortured antihero (superbly played by Sid Lucero), may well be his most indelible creation: a haunting embodiment of the dead ends of ideology.

New York Film Festival, 2013
Cannes Film Festival, 2013

“Its very existence is an exhilarating triumph over complacency… there is an almost inexhaustible humanism at the heart of this remarkable film.” —A.O. Scott, The New York Times

“The lights came up, I stood with tears in my eyes, and clapped as loudly as I ever have for any movie in my life” —Wesley Morris, Grantland

“A mesmerising experience that grows deeper and broader the longer it goes on” —Kieran Corless, Sight and Sound

“The only working filmmaker to explore such fundamental categories of the human condition as Truth, Kindness, Morality, Sin, Justice, Nation, History, and God.” —Boris Nelepo, Cinema Scope