Not on Your Life marked the second time that Luis García Berlanga and Rafael Azcona worked together, following 1961’s Plácido. This film is a no-holds-barred portrayal of three characters fighting to survive brutal situations. Amadeo is an executioner on the verge of retirement who meets José Luis, a funeral parlor employee he tricks into becoming his heir. Step by step, this film reveals the old man’s Machiavellian plan that finds José Luis literally dragged into becoming his successor despite his ethical reservations.

Screening with: 

Don Pepe Popi
Carlos Vermut, Spain, 2012, digital projection, 16m
Spanish with English subtitles

Don Pepe Popi is a collaboration between Venga Monjas—two comedians who started out on the Internet in 2006—and Carlos Vermut, a director who put a new twist on interweaving genres with his films Diamond Flash and Magical Girl.