Director Matteo Garrone rebuilt the modern Mafia film from the ground up with this blisteringly intense, panoramic portrait of the Neapolitan underworld, adapted from author Roberto Saviano’s international bestseller. In stark contrast to the glamorous trappings of Hollywood mob movies, Gomorrah gives us desperate men in desperate circumstances, living (pace John Guare) hand to mouth on a slightly higher plateau. Money makes their world go round, nobody has very much, but what they do have is never enough—and so begins a vicious cycle of debts accounted for in blood and corporate downsizing facilitated by semi-automatic firearms that reverberates from the bowels of Naples to the runways of Paris fashion and the rebuilding of the Twin Towers. Featuring a show-stopping performance by the great Tony Servillo (Il Divo) as a smooth-talking garbage magnate.

“In this deft interweaving of five stories, the Camorra’s reach extends from the heights of haute couture to the depths of toxic waste, and Garrone coolly observes all the attendant brutality. (You’ll never ogle movie-star high fashion in the same way again.)” —NYFF46 program note

“No matter how many Mafia movies you've seen, no matter how wise you think you are about wiseguy culture, you've never seen anything like Go­morrah.” —Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly