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German Shepherd
Nils Bergendal, Sweden, 10m

As a Jew growing up in Baltimore, David’s vision of Germany (and Germans) was shaped by the stories of his Holocaust-survivor mother; later in life, he reflects on whether it is possible to overcome this history. Stylistically simple yet philosophically potent, this animated documentary poses difficult questions about our capacity to forgive unimaginable acts of evil.

Nadav Mishali, Israel, 20m
Hebrew with English subtitles

Every month Michal dips herself in the Mikveh and dreams of her husband—but when the long-awaited night arrives, bupkis. His absence and the deterioration of their intimacy awakens suspicions about his true identity.

Some Vacation
Anne S. Lewis, USA, 6m

What could possibly go wrong when Dad decides to take the family along on his business road trips and call them vacations? Everything!

The Visit
Lawrence Horwitz, USA, 8m

English and Yiddish with English subtitles
When Esther pays a friend a visit in his neighborhood in Brooklyn, disagreements about how to spend their time together soon escalate into a much larger conflict.