The lovely Ayşe (Ayla Algan) moves from her country village to Istanbul in the hope of becoming an actress; there she acquires a boyfriend/manager/director who has other ideas about how she should use her good looks and talent. One day Ayşe meets Hasmet (Sadri Alişik), a grumpy, world-weary street photographer descended from a good family but having fallen on hard times. Haşmet takes it upon himself to cure the young woman of what he sees as her blind optimism, but some of it begins to rub off on the old cynic. A warm romantic comedy that’s a perennial favorite with Turkish audiences, O Beautiful Istanbul contrasts the majesty and wonder of one of the world’s most beautiful cities with the contemporary disappearance of human feeling and dignity. Yılmaz, a terrific director of actors, gets wonderful performances from his two leads.