Hip Hop: A Culture of Influence | 1999 | 28m
Commissioned and exhibited by the Brooklyn Museum of Art, this exploration of the emerging culture of hip hop includes conversations with a young Mos Def, Talib Kweli of Black Star and other artists early in their careers, as well as critics concerned with the growing trends of materialism and misogyny in the music.

Street Art: From the Can to the Canvas | 2004 | 16m
Exploring the controversy of whether graffiti is art or vandalism, EVC youth interview world renowned graffiti artists, city officials and police officers, while expressing their own opinions on the debate.

That’s What They Call Art! | 1993 | 32m
New to the world of downtown art galleries and Fifth Avenue museums, EVC youth chronicle the making and unmaking of the controversial 1993 Whitney Biennial, interviewing the curators and artists as they are installing and, in some cases, even creating their works. A short version of this documentary was on continuous display in the Whitney’s lobby throughout the exhibition.