(Please note: All films except Photooxidation and Lunas screen in super-8 projection.)

Blind Alley Augury. Daichi Saito, Canada, 2:05min
Mile-End back street juxtaposed vision.

Green Fuse. Daichi Saito, Canada, 3:11min.
An impromptu visual poem portraying a space seen from different viewpoints.

Field of View #1. Daichi Saito, Canada, 3:16min.
“No farther out / than in – / no nearer here / than there.” (Robert Creeley)

Javi. Malena Szlam, Canada, 2011, super 8, 2:42min.
Light breaks the darkness in playful rapture – a film dedicated to my dear friend Javiera.

Lunar Almanac. Malena Szlam, Canada, 2013, 4min, 16mm.
Moons in a journey through magnetic spheres, influencing subtle energies on Earth.

The Quilpo Dreams of Waterfalls/El Quilpo Sueña Cataratas. Pablo Mazzolo, Argentina, 2012, 11 min. Super-8
“This shortfilm is a diary of my days at the Quilpo River, and an old comechingones legend. I shot with my Super 8 camera in an area of the Quilpo river in Cordoba, considered to be sacred by the Comechingones aborigins. The Quilpo doesn´t have waterfalls so these were shot quite more to the south, near Mallín Ahogado in Rio Negro. Then I intervened the undeveloped celluloid with light through different kinds of glass and masks. When I developed the film, I reprinted with light different positive frames over a new virgin celluloid. Material creating material. The river feeding itself. The film implodes. I try generating conditions for the unexpected to appear.” P.M.

Conjectures/Conjeturas. Pablo Mazzolo, Argentina, 2013, 3:30min.
Conjectures about the animal that bumps into itself, aims for big things, and gets sick of it all.

Photooxidation/Fotooxidación. Pablo Mazzolo, Argentina, 2013, 7min.
De-electronation of a molecular entity as a result of photoexcitation. Light increases its oxidation state, at the same time it releases free radical electrons.

Void Redux. Paul Clipson, USA, 2013, Silent 6.5 min.
A nervous portrait of a Zagreb train station filmed from the tracks. The imminent impact leads to seeing stars.- P.C.

Difficult Loves. Paul Clipson, USA, 2013, 3.5min. (Music by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma)
A love poem of intimate immensities, featuring a theater of waters, lights and flowers. Filmed in San Francisco's Botanical Gardens and my backyard. -P.C.

Speaking Corpse. Paul Clipson, USA, 2012, 7.5min. (Music by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma)
A spinning collage of night lights envelopes the figure of a man (Trevor Montgomery) lost within a vast ATM metropolis. Filmed in San Francisco's Tenderloin and a Best Western hotel room in Zagreb.- P.C.

Carrie at Still. Stom Sogo, USA/Japan 1998, 27 min., (From the collection of Anthology Film Archives)