Crack Clouds Over Hells Kitchen | 1988 | 18m
Comprising interviews with addicts as they light up their crack pipes, and doctors who give the medical explanation for this terrible addiction, this chilling portrait captures the vicious cycle of drugs and crime on the city streets in the 1980s.

AIDS: Facts Over Fear | 1989 | 21m
In the early days of the AIDS epidemic, fear and homophobia spread throughout schools and communities. There was an urgent need for public information. EVC youth addressed that need by interviewing a local New York City doctor and former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop to inform their peers about the new virus, how it could and could not be spread, and how they could protect themselves.

Hard Times in Cypress Hills | 1990 | 18m
Spurred by the tragic death of an EVC student, this portrait of the crack and gang fueled gun violence that took such a heavy toll on inner city youth gives an inside look at one student’s daily life in one of the most violent housing projects of the times.

Young Gunz | 1997 | 22m
Combining images of violence in the media with poetry and brutally honest interviews, this documentary tells the stories of the victims of gun violence, some who admit to shooting others, and those who struggle to survive.