Home Movies Gaza. Basma Alsharif, Palestinian Territories, 2013, 24min.
The Fold. Leslie Thornton, 2013, 4min.
Every Filter In Final Cut Pro. Lisa McCarty, USA, 2013, 9:55min.
Immortal, Suspended. Deborah Stratman, USA, 2013, 5min.
Sound Seam. Aura Satz, UK, 2010, 14:04min
Binocular; Zebra 2. Leslie Thornton, 2013, 2min
Movement in Squares. Jean-Paul Kelly, Canada, 2013,12:37min.
Figure –ground. Jean- Paul Kelly, Canada, 2013, 4:47min.
Service of the Goods. Jean-Paul Kelly, Canada, 2013, 29:10min.

Every Filter In Final Cut Pro. Lisa McCarty, USA, 2013, 9:55min.
Please refer to the title. –L.M.

Immortal, Suspended. Deborah Stratman, USA, 2013, 5min.
The idea of suspension is evoked on shifting registers – as levitation, cessation, anticipation, preservation – and located in sites whose identities slip as we track through a space within a space. –D.S.

Sound Seam, Aura Satz, UK, 2010, 14:04min
is a film which gives voice to the idea that every surface, in particular parts of our anatomy, is potentially inscribed with an unheard sound or echoes of voices from the past. The soundtrack’s musical composition is interlaced with a voice-over which draws on Rainer Maria Rilke’s text ‘Primal Sound’, where he reflects on the possibility of playing the coronal suture of a skull with a gramophone needle. The overlapping voices of the narratives tell a forensic love story of yearning, encryption, inscription, decoding, memory and erasure. The film uses microscopic photography, scanning electron microscopy, and sounds of otoacoustic emissions  to uncover haunting aural bonescapes. Music composed and recorded onto wax cylinder and acetate discs by Aleks Kolkowski. The voiceovers too are recorded using old sound technology as a filter – writing and over-writing of wax cylinder to create unexpected scratches, glitches, loops and echoes.

Binocular; Zebra 2. Leslie Thornton, 2013, 2min
Movement in Squares. Jean­Paul Kelly, Canada, 2013,12:37min.
Movement in Squares is a two-channel video comprised of three documentary sources: video appropriated from a Florida-based foreclosure broker who documents the condition of bank-owned properties at the time of their repossession; studio recordings that document retrospective exhibition catalogues of painter Bridget Riley; voice-over narration from filmmaker David Thompson’s 1979 profile of Riley’s work for the Arts Council of Great Britain.

Figure–ground. Jean­ Paul Kelly, Canada, 2013, 4:47min.
Figure-ground is an HD video that features hand-painted cels filmed in receding distance with a multi-plane camera. Derived from photographic sources, each illustrated scene depicts the aftermath of a death associated–tangentially or directly–with the 2009 global financial crisis. Bodies are excised from these sites and replaced by coloured squares and audio tones.

Service of the Goods. Jean­Paul Kelly, Canada, 2013, 29:10min.
Service of the goods is comprised of selected scenes from American filmmaker Frederick Wiseman’s seminal documentaries profiling state-run, tax-funded institutions, including Titicut Follies, High School, Law and Order, Hospital, and Welfare. In creating shot-by-shot reproductions of each scene, including accompanying subtitled dialogue, Wiseman’s representational strategy–his overall production and editing process–is, itself, evoked as an institution subject to the same means of observation and expression. October 6 at 3:15pm (HGT)