2371 2nd Ave: An East Harlem Story | 1986 | 13m
EVC students document the living conditions of fellow student Millie Reyes’s family, who live in a rat-infested apartment building with no heat or hot water. They follow the story as Reyes leads the other residents to confront the landlord and go on rent strike.

Home Sweet Gone | 1993 | 26m
Angry at the abandoned buildings and vacant lots in their neighborhoods in the early 1990s, youth producers investigate poor housing conditions in New York City owned apartments and bank “redlining” policies that prevent investment in low income housing. Community activists protesting the city’s landlord policies and youth construction programs give hope for change.

Mortgage Mayhem: Living Inside Fraud | 2011 | 26m
EVC students turn their cameras on one of their classmates as she uncovers the truth behind her family’s struggle to keep their home in Queens. Combining personal stories and interviews with housing advocates and financial journalists, they give a human face to the foreclosure and predatory lending crisis in New York City in 2010.

As the Sun Comes Up, the Bricks Fall Down | 2010 | 22m
Mixing spoken word, animation, interviews with youth activists and their own personal profiles, EVC filmmakers tell powerful stories of neighborhood gentrification and displacement living in the shadows of the newly built Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and condos in Brooklyn.