Q&A with Marta Mateus and Zsuzsanna Kiràly following the 1pm screening on 10/9

Barbs, Wastelands
Marta Mateus, Portugal, 2017, 25m
North American Premiere

In this accomplished debut, peasants of the Alentejo region of Portugal stand in stylized tableaux and speak to local youths of the Carnation Revolution, the postwar agrarian reform movement, and the ghosts of a postcolonial struggle that haunt the landscape to this day.

Fantasy Sentences
Dane Komljen, Germany/Denmark, 2017, 17m
U.S. Premiere

In a serene meditation on image-making and the slippery nature of storytelling, Komljen ominously mingles anonymous home video footage with images of contemporary Ukraine’s desolate landscapes.

Missing In-Between the Physical Proper
Olivia Ciummo, USA, 2017, 6m
World Premiere
A prismatic collection of re-photographed images––of deserts and oceans, plants and animals––are disrupted and transformed by an array of color filters, soft synth accompaniment, and familiarly boorish messages lifted from the online world.

The Welfare of Tomás Ó Hallissy
Duncan Campbell, U.K./Ireland, 2016, 31m
U.S. Premiere
Campbell’s fictional narrative, concerning a pair of American anthropologists en route to the Irish village of Dún Chaoin, expands into a reflective investigation of filmmaking ethics and a portrait of a small community forced to confront the changing tides of traditions.