Reza Hassani Goes to the Mall | Sara Zandieh | 2012 | HDCAM | 10m
When a recent immigrant from Iran tries to show his son a good time at a suburban mall, things go awry.

AdvantageousJayda Denise Thompson | 2012 | HDCAM | 22m
Gwen, spokesperson for a radical technology allowing people to overcome their natural disadvantages finds herself in crisis with her job and family. Will she undergo the procedure herself?

Bonne Saint-Jean | Dominique Lefebvre | 2012 | HDCAM | 8m
Maude, a 12-year-old with unusually strong ties to the French Canadian culture, butts heads with an estranged cousin in town for their grandfather’s funeral.

Penny Dreadful | Shane Atkinson | 2012 | HDCAM | 17m
A story about a kidnapping gone horribly wrong.

After Water There Is Sand | Saro Varjabedian | 2012 | HDCAM | 17m
Tamar, wanting to fulfill her recently deceased husband’s wish to take a picture of his family at Mount Ararat, drags her two daughters to Armenia where they are forced to come together as a family.

Derby Kings | Valerie Bischoff | 2012 | HDCAM | 11m
Feuding brothers Ace and Jim collide at a local demolition derby.</p>