Dear Dog, I Love You | Jed Cowley | 2012 | HDCAM | 17m
You would too if it happened to you.

Pretty | Alex Lubliner | 2012 | HDCAM | 19m
Mary plots to escape the small provincial town from which she hails, only to find her path to freedom challenged at every turn.

The Passage/Le Passage | Jean-Marceau Sécheret | 2012 | HDCAM | 11m
An interview with a young Afghan kid who left his country when he was 14 and travelled through Asia and Europe, alone.

Mr. Bear | Andres Rosende | 2012 | HDCAM | 14m
An average guy stumbles upon a crime scene and is mistaken for a professional cleaner. He is forced to choose to either dismember a corpse or become one.

Love Story/Ástarsaga | Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir | 2012 | HDCAM | 16m
A story of love, madness, and 24-hour daylight. Solange's boyfriend Baldur mysteriously takes off for Iceland. She follows, but an even deeper mystery awaits her.

Three Light Bulbs | Min Ding | 2012 | HDCAM | 16m
When a young engineer returns to her rural Chinese village to share the solar technology that she's been developing, she must first win over her long-neglected father.