Writer-director Alex Ross Perry’s blistering follow-up to 2014’s Listen Up Philip (NYFF52) is a sophisticated and unnerving psychodrama, created under the sign of Polanski and Fassbinder and buoyed by two fiercely committed performances from stars Elisabeth Moss and Katherine Waterston. A harried Catherine (Moss) arrives at the lakeside cabin of her best friend Virginia (Waterston), intending to recover from the death of her artist father and a bad breakup with her boyfriend (Kentucker Audley). But the privileged Virginia isn’t having any of Catherine’s martyr complex, and the two find themselves at each other’s throats as Catherine increasingly loses her grip on reality and Virginia’s next-door neighbor and occasional love interest Rich (Patrick Fugit) arrives on the scene. Shot on 16mm by Perry’s regular cinematographer Sean Price Williams, edited by documentarian Robert Greene (who also cut Listen Up Philip), and heightened by the haunting soundscapes of Keegan DeWitt, Queen of Earth is a stark departure from Perry’s previous films, yet no less psychologically acute, confirming his artistic range and irrepressible vision. An IFC Films release.

Alex Ross Perry will introduce a 35mm screening of Woody Allen’s Interiors on August 26.