Three strangers. Three suspects. The word “rage” painted in blood on the wall at a macabre murder scene. This sets the stage for a typical thriller—but nothing typical ever happens. Instead, Lee Sang-il’s first masterpiece concerns itself with the fascinating strands and complex ramifications that inexorably lead to another, more abstract, but possibly greater crime. One year after the bloody murder, with a nationwide manhunt still underway, three young men without a past appear in the lives of three very different people. In a Chiba fishing village, a father comes to doubt the intentions of his daughter’s new boyfriend. In Tokyo, a gay businessman suspects the quiet, handsome stranger he took in after a random encounter in a sauna. In Okinawa, a high school girl from Tokyo becomes intrigued by a rugged-looking young man who lives on a modern desert island. Rage is tragic, epic, and heartfelt. New York Premiere.