The London Children’s Ballet was founded in 1994 for young dancers ages 9 -16 to have the experience of performing in a professional production. Their 2011 ballet Rumpelstiltskin, performed at Sadler’s Wells Peacock Theater, London, England, is a gorgeous retelling of the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale. The performers are expressive and their dancing conveys with ease the unfolding story. With vibrant costumes and a tale full of humor and connivance, the ballet brings to life the competitiveness at a village fair and the grandeur of the royal court as the characters try to get what they believe they lack: the miller, recast as a milliner, wants prestige, the king wants gold, and queen wants her life and then to keep her baby, and Rumpelstiltskin who wants revenge. Ages 6+

Rumpelstiltskin; the set design, where hay magically turns to gold, is reminiscent of Gustav Klimt and dazzles audiences young and old. Perfect for adults and children alike, the London Children’s Ballet’s adaptation of Rumpelstiltskin is both a wonderful production and a unique opportunity to see the remarkable abilities of this internationally renowned young ballet company – not to be missed!” —Indie Film Net