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How do you know who’s touching who during group sex? “First you don’t know, then you can’t tell, and then you don’t care,” explains worldly Elvira (Claire Wilbur). She and husband Jack (Gerald Grant) are frustrated swingers on an extended visit to the French Riviera (re-created on the Yugoslavian coast), whose competition for the most sexual conquests has reached its six-month deadline. On this final evening, Elvira has until midnight to seduce wide-eyed Betsy (Lynn Lowry), with some chemical assistance, while Betsy’s husband Eddie (Calvin Culver) plays sailor and cowboy with Jack downstairs. Although it’s an adaption of Jerry Douglas’s (Queens-set!) Off-Broadway play, the film’s rapid-fire, subtext-heavy dialogue, enclosed domestic setting, and scenario of a seasoned couple playing host to a pair of innocent newlyweds suggests a kinky, sex-romp reworking of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?