Sderot film school co-founder Avner Raingulernt in person!

Located 2 km from the Gaza border, the film school of Sderot in the south of Israel is a microcosm of the geo-political landscape, where daily life between Jews, Muslims, Christians, Palestinians, Israelis, left-wing radicals and ultranationalists is far from tranquil. Director Osvalde Lewat offers a fascinating glimpse of a film school where the issue of training is not only artistic, but clearly political and ideological. Co-presented by the Human Rights Watch Film Festival.

Screening with:
Farewell Exile/Salam Ghourba
Lamia Alami 2011 | Morocco | 15m
In an underprivileged Moroccan neighborhood surrounded by misery, Fatima anxiously waits to join her husband, who emigrated to France over a year ago. Will a letter from her husband secure a brighter future, allowing her to take her son away from this harmful environment? Or will she have to make a crucial sacrifice?

Up Your Black Arse
Aurélien Bodineaux | 2011 | Belgium/DRC | 12m
In a Brussels retirement home, two men–one Belgian, one Congolese–drink to their long-lasting friendship. They argue over an old story. It’s one of broken dreams and wasted lives. Up Your Black Arse! stares into the colonial past, to look into our present.