A decade before the widely acclaimed The Beat That My Heart Skipped and A Prophet, Jacques Audiard (son of legendary French screenwriter Michel Audiard, co-writer of Garde à vue) made his directing debut with this sharply etched, darkly funny crime story. Jean-Louis Trintignant is Marx, a small-time hood on the lam who reluctantly gets attached to harmless, slow-witted lost soul Johnny (played by future director Mathieu Kassovitz)–a relationship that suggests Of Mice and Men by way of Midnight Cowboy. At the same time, aging salesman Simon (Jean Yanne) sets out to find the men responsible for the murder of his best friend. For much of the film, the two storylines run parallel until they intersect in a stunning denoument that courses with all the irony and moral ambiguity of the noir tradition. Originally screened at the 1994 New York Film Festival, we are delighted to revive See How They Fall just as Audiard is completing work on his new film, Rust and Bone, due to premiere later this year.