This year’s selection of award-winning short films is specially curated by the cultural initiative Pragda and features a rich assortment of fiction and documentary.

Gentlemen / De caballeros
Adrián Orr, 2010, Spain; 17m
In this lovely documentary portrait of a barbershop, owner José and his customers share their time and their stories.

Estereoscopia / Estereoscopía
Xacio Baño, 2011, Spain; 12m
Living on his own in the city, Emiliano takes refuge in his anonymity. One day on his way to work, an accident befalls him and he loses sight in his left eye. When doctors transplant the eye of another person, he starts to see things from a different point of view.

Alberto Vázquez & Pedro Rivero, 2010, Spain; 12m
A terrible industrial accident changes Little Dinki’s life forever. Her fate now rests in the hands of her eccentric friend Birdboy, a misfit who hides in the Dead Forest, lost in his fantasies.

Beds / Camas
Manuela Moreno, 2010, Spain; 10m
If only beds could talk… This time, they do: the beds of four different couples reveal their stories, ever in flux.

The German Pavilion / El Pabellón alemán
Juan Millares, 2009, Spain; 14m
In 1929, Mies van der Rohe unveiled one of the most emblematic buildings of the 20th century during the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona. Politicians, celebrities, and even the Queen of Spain attended the event. But there is some mystery hidden in the old photographs of the German Pavilion.

Dying Every Day / Morir cada día
Aitor Echevarría, 2010, Spain; 11m
Blanca is not willing to let her family enjoy a quiet dinner. The conversation is boring, and she is irritated by the same old jokes. Knowing things could be different, she takes a new tack…

My Friend / Lagun mina
Jose Mari Goenaga, 2011, Spain; 12m
Ekaitz and Román meet in a hostel during their holidays and vow to be friends for a lifetime. But something goes wrong, and they must come to terms with their promise, and their lives.

A Shitty Boyfriend / Un novio de mierda
Borja Cobeaga, 2010, Spain; 4m
Months after their break-up, a young woman receives a visit from her ex-boyfriend.