Directors in person for Q&A at both screenings!

Street Vendor Cinema/Cine Camelô | Clarissa Knoll | 2011 | Brazil | 16m
When a filmmaker and his team set up a stall that makes and sells short films on demand, wild fantasies come to life in the middle of a bustling marketplace.

Giongo | Colin Elliott | 2011 | France | 8m
What did Shakespeare know about love? How many words are there in Japanese for “rain”? Can anyone really dance the Mashed Potato?

Summit | Medeni Griffiths | 2011 | Great Britain/USA | 13m
A chance encounter on a mountain road can lead to friendship and understanding or mistrust and betrayal.

Meaning of Robots | Matt Lenski | 2011 | USA | 4m
“I’ve been working on this robot movie … and over the years it developed into a sex movie.” Seriously.

Chica XX Mujer | Isabell Šuba | 2011 | Germany/France | 12m
In Venezuela, the country with the highest percentage of cosmetic surgery and beauty queens per capita, a girl prepares to be celebrated like a princess on her quinceañera.

The Room/Soba | Ivana Jurić | 2011 | Croatia | 5m
Stop-motion animation explores sensuality and sex through the eyes of a doll.

The Children of the Night/Les enfants de la nuit | Caroline Deruas | 2011 | France | 26m
Girl meets boy, the oldest story in the book—except it’s France in 1944, and he’s German.