Aaron Burr

Aaron Burr, Part 2
Dana O’Keefe
USA | 2011 | 8m

You only thought you knew all there was to know about the much-maligned third Vice President of the United States.

Memory By Design
Nathan Punwar
USA | 2011 | 5m

A dazzling love letter to all things analog, as they recede into the horizon of the digital age.


My Bow Breathing / Il respiro dell’arco
E.M. Artale
Italy | 2011 | 10m

Revenge has the sting of a perfectly aimed arrow as a young archer gets in touch with her primal instincts.


Grandmothers / Abuelas
Afarin Eghbal
UK | 2011 | 9m

A lyrical animated documentary about the search by Argentinian grandmothers for the orphaned children of the “disappeared.”

First Match

First Match
Olivia Newman
USA | 2011 | 15m

No amount of practice on the mat can prepare Mo for the challenge she faces at her first high school wrestling match.


Sean Gullette
Morocco / USA | 2011 | 31m

A night in the lives of an all-girl punk band as they illicitly shoot their first music video on the streets of Tangier.

The Great Gatsby in Five Minutes
Michael Almereyda
USA | 2011 | 10m

The Fitzgerald classic as you’ve never seen it, transposed to a Los Angeles of sleek modern architecture and strip-mall foot clinics.