Directors in person for Q&A at both screenings!

The End | Didier Barcelo | 2011 | France | 16m
A respected actress’s work gets refurbished.

Oh Sorrow/Ay Pena | Elisa Cepedal | 2011 | Spain | 20m
When you lose your last connection to the place you once called home, what’s keeping you there?

Rolling on the Floor Laughing | Russell Harbaugh | 2011 | USA | 19m
Two sons become overprotective of their mother at a dinner to celebrate her birthday.

The Plain/A Chjána | Jonas Carpignano | 2011 | Italy/USA | 21m
An African immigrant discovers the unexpected costs of his activism. Based on real events in Italy.

Revolution Reykjavik | Isold Uggadottir | 2011 | Iceland | 20m
As Iceland sinks into economic meltdown, 58-year-old Gudfinna tries, against all odds, not to do the same.