Hanne Myren, 2009; 23m
The frank record of a strong but vulnerable teen’s relationship with her boyfriend.

My Norwegian Grandfather
Leiv Igor Devold, 2010; 17m
A fraught film about the director’s father, who cooperated with Nazi Germany.

Pupil's Concert
Jan Otto Ertesvåg, 2009; 10m
The animated daydreams of a piano student.

Oh, My God!
Anne Sweritsky, 2008; 9m
A humorous look at children’s interpretations of sexuality.

Sound Shadows
Julie Engaas, 2008; 7m
An extraordinary sensory mapping of spatial experience through smoky animation.

The Fight
Keio and Dag Åstein, 2009; 7m
The wry animated tale of a kids turf war.

Morten Hovland, 2010; 6m
Two tourists on a beach suddenly witness our indifference wash ashore…

Deconstruction Workers
Kasja Næss, 2008; 6m
Two philosophical hard-hat workers, building up and breaking it down.

New Pictures From Mars
Rune & Erik Eriksson, 2008; 2m
A Mars rover has some unexpected news for us.