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Episode from Tickets
Abbas Kiarostami | 2005 | Italy/UK | Digibeta

Kiarostami’s contribution to the three-part omnibus film Tickets is a masterful short fiction, compressing a vast amount of emotional territory into just under 30 minutes. An aging general’s widow (Silvana de Santis) is accompanied on the voyage by a young man (Filippo Trojano, who also appears in Certified Copy). Our initial impression of her as hectoring and domineering is gradually reversed.

Abbas Kiarostami | 2010 | France | HDCAM | 8m
Kiarostami’s contribution to a series of short films made for French television on “la chevelure féminine,” is another work of masterful simplicity, the better part of which consists of a medium close-up of a beautiful little Italian girl who is asked if she would like to appear in a film as a girl whose hair is cut off while she sleeps by a spiteful friend.

Summer Afternoon
Abbas Kiarostami | 2006 | Iran | DVD | 10m
Summer Afternoon is a 10-minute distillation of Kiarostami’s P.S. 1 installation: a fan causes two windows curtains to flutter, whispering the language of summer. Courtesy of Honar Foundation, New York.