In the most sensationally scary-funny creep-out movie since Gremlins, an army of extraterrestrial slugs hitches a ride on an asteroid, crash-lands in the sleepy, deer-hunting hamlet of Wheelsy, South Carolina, and sets about feasting on the local population. And damn if writer-director James Gunn (Super) doesn’t almost have you rooting for the little mollusks! A Darwinian if ever there was, Gunn paints the locals as a bunch of comic grotesques—overgrown frat boys, loose women and disturbingly picture-perfect nuclear families—then takes demented glee in turning the hunters into the hunted. A freewheeling homage to The Blob, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and just about everything by George Romero, Slither is also a crack social satire that weighs in on the evolution-vs.-creationism debate, cautions against the dangers of groupthink and becomes a hilarious test case for the sacred vows of marriage. Gunn keeps the action zipping along, aided by ingenious makeup effects and actors (including that sublime Elizabeth Banks and Michael Rooker) who gleefully throw caution to the wind. This much is for sure: you’ll never be able to listen to Air Supply’s “Every Woman in the World” in quite the same way again.