Finally making the hyperdrive jump from online to onscreen, the crowdsourced masterpiece Star Wars Uncut is a shot-by-shot remake of George Lucas’ 121-minute Episode IV – A New Hope that takes the fan-film genre to a new level. Casey Pugh, the man behind this must-be-seen-to-be-believed tribute film, assigned 473 eager volunteers their own 15-second segment to reshoot or animate as they saw fit. Laid end to end (and subject to change at any time based on voter ratings), the result is one of the Internet’s true cinematic wonders: a manic, disjunctive bricolage spectacle of Lego stormtroopers, stop-motion Star Destroyers, tin-foil C-3POs, canine Chewies, and trash-can R2s. There’s an impressive number of illustrated entries and handmade animations, but it’s the backyard reenactments, with their moppet Princess Leias and minivan Millennium Falcons, that anchor the project in a shared love, the scope of which transcends the polish or perfectionism of any single segment. Don’t miss the sold-out sensation that kicked off our Midnight Movies series this summer as it returns by popular demand for an encore!