Friday, November 9 marks the premiere of the next chapter in the James Bond cannon—the hotly anticipated Skyfall. Fans hungry for the film have been invited to whet their appetites with a complete James Bond interactive experience, Fit to Serve. Operating under a simple premise—MI6 is looking for a fresh crop of super spies—audiences are invited to participate in the British Intelligence Officers Exam. Featuring web content, mobile-based games, and a series of live events, players climb deeper and deeper into the world of Skyfall, all the while being evaluated on their ability to solve complex problems under duress. Mark Harris, one of the principal architects of the experience will be on hand to walk us through the game experience and discuss the value of connectivity between Sony's products and services. He will be joined by Margaret Robinson of Hide & Seek.

Hide & Seek started life in 2007 as a festival of social games and playful experiences on London’s South Bank. Their aim was to create an environment where anyone who wanted to could experiment with making games, and where adults were invited to play together in public. In the last five years, they’ve worked with a wildly diverse range of clients and partners. They've made an iOS arcade game for the Royal Opera House, consulted on gamification for clients such as eBay, Cadbury and the BBC, produced transmedia projects for Warner Bros., Wieden & Kennedy and Film4, and made their own games like the Boardgame Remix Kit, Drunk Dungeon and Searchlight.

Margaret Robertson is a game designer and consultant who has worked on award-winning games for the commercial, cultural and educational sectors. A top-rated speaker on the principles and philosophies behind game design, she has helped run labs for both experienced and novice game designers around the world. Recent clients include EA, Sony, Channel 4, GameCity, Free Radical Design, Kuju and the Rank Group.

Mark Harris is a filmmaker and software architect focused on the intersection of story and technology. Mark writes software for gameplay, storytelling, and transmedia. Mark was a mentor at the first StoryCode StoryHack, and creative technologist on Lance Weiler's Pandemic 1.0. Mark is also an alumnus of the IFP Narrative Lab. Mark's transmedia project The Lost Children will have it's New York City Premiere in January 2013, with a feature film and live immersive experience. In the Fall of 2012, Mark is writing his first immersive play with Epic Theater Ensemble.