Met Before is a groundbreaking choose-your-own-path music video for Chairlift, created by m ss ng p eces and directed by Jordan Fish. The video script was co-written by Jordan and Caroline Polachek, Chairlift’s lead singer and songwriter. It's an experiment in what Jordan is calling “wide-form” storytelling – an immersive world that gives the viewer ultimate control over where the plot lands.

Met Before takes place in a parallel universe where Caroline and Patrick are research scientists. By choosing from simple directional choices at key moments, your story might involve possibilities for romance, intrigue, and star performance along the way. Fast Company says it's “pretty much impossible to watch just once,” because the choices are yours—which as Pitchfork noted is “bad news if you're a big Chairlift fan and you're trying to get any work done this afternoon, I guess.”

About Ari Kuschnir
Ari Kuschnir is the CEO and Executive Producer of m ss ng p eces—a Brooklyn based creative production company inspired by the limitless potential of technology, storytelling and the web.

Ari has been designing, advising and completing award winning creative projects that matter to him and his community since 2005.  His tireless passion for blazing trails has lead to collaborations with TED, GE, Vimeo, Intel, Amex, The Climate Reality Project, and some of the world’s leading artists, thinkers and companies.

He has been featured in Creativity Magazine's “New Talent,” Sundance Channel’s “New Revolutionaries,” Adweek's “Portraits,” and TED's Ads Worth Spreading.

Ari consistently strives to push himself and his team to create conversation-shifting pieces that impact the world.