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Part rock concert, part theatrical piece, Fornicated from the Beatles is a genre bending immersive experience that has played to sold out shows in Boston and New York.  Audience members purchase a ticket to see a real rock act take the stage in a local club but while the music plays another sort of show is unfolding—one that involves ten “fans” that interact with each other (and the general audience via mobile phones)—presenting a narrative that, much like the music, hits us on multiple layers at the same time.  Creator Mikhael Tara Garver will take the Story Forum audience behind the curtain for an in-depth look at this amazing project.

“One night ten fans come to the bar to hear a band play. Maybe for a musical obsession. Maybe to meet someone. Maybe to celebrate. Maybe to see that guy. Maybe to be seen by that girl. Maybe just for a drink, a friend and a good time. Yet, in the darkness, drunk from the strumming guitar, the sweat in the air, and the unavoidable beat. Something changes in each of them. A love song to American pop, a performance of simultaneous surround-sound stories, a rousing dance party, and a look into the lives of 10 music fans—all from the generation after the generation that fell into bed to the songs of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, a generation searching for its own undeniable song.” —Fornicated from the Beatles

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