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This Forum showcases the people behind the digitial incarnations of two famous fictional characters: Betty Draper on Mad Men, and the bodyguard whose colorful (and fabricated) life story is the subject of upcoming indie film Saving Lincoln. The subjects of this week's forum, though, control more than their characters' behavior onscreen: they've turned each of their creations into vibrant online personalities. 

Betty Draper (@bettydraper) is writer Helen Klein Ross, who provides daily entertainment to an audience of 35,000 by tweeting the inner thoughts of Betty Draper, for which she won a Shorty (Twitter) Award and was featured in Time and The Wall Street Journal.  Helen is an avid speaker on twittertainment and social media. In addition to speaking at South By Southwest Interactive (SXSWi), recent appearances include Digital Hollywood and Adweek’s Social Media Strategies Conference. Her writing has been published in The New York Times and numerous magazines and literary journals.

Saving Lincoln (@savinglincoln) tells the story of President Abraham Lincoln and his self-appointed bodyguard, U.S. Marshal Ward Hill Lamon – a banjo-playing Southerner who foiled repeated attempts on the President's life, and kept him functioning during the darkest hours of the Civil War.

Reuben Lim is an Independent Film Producer based in Los Angeles, CA. His previous films include Half-Life (Sundance 2008), Entry Level (2007), Super Capers (2009). Through his Production Company, Lane Street Pictures, Reuben has also produced award winning films Reversion (Sundance 2008) and the observational documentary Where Are You Taking Me? (2010). Reuben is a Sundance Producing Fellow and also produces interactive and animation content.

Writer/director Salvador Litvak was born in Santiago, Chile and moved to New York at age five. He is a graduate of Harvard College, NYU Law School, and the School of Theater, Film and Television at UCLA. He directed the Passover comedy and cult hit, When Do We Eat?, which he wrote with his wife, Nina Davidovich Litvak. He also blogs as the Accidental Talmudist for the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles.