In person: Alex Cox! Afterparty with The So So Glos + Viva Radio DJ! Complimentary beer and 42 Below vodka cocktails!

If there’s one man who could survive on a diet of spaghetti westerns alone, that man would surely be Mr. Alex Cox. Nearly a quarter-century ago, one year after he made Sid and Nancy, Cox coughed up this extreme cinematic hairball—a spaghetti parody so far gone it was destined to return someday . . . Now it’s back, remixed and remastered in all its glory: meta-masterpiece or mess? You decide. The story involves manic bank robbers hiding out in a deserted town that turns out to be not deserted, and crazier than they are. The cast includes Dick Rude, Sy Richardson, Joe Strummer (!), Shane MacGowan (!!) Dennis Hopper (!!!), and Courtney Love (insert smiley face). This new version features “digitally improved violence and cruelty,” six missing scenes, a new 5.1 stereo soundtrack by Academy Award Winner Richard Beggs, and a new color design by cinematographer Tom Richmond.