For many of us, our possessions rule our lives more than we would like to admit. This is definitely the case for Judith de Leeuw, who lives a normal life with her boyfriend and young son in a small apartment in the Netherlands. Stuff Everywhere documents her personal quest to discover the connection between people and their things. Slightly obsessed with her own possibly unhealthy relationship to her stuff, she decides to count it–all of it. But counting this stuff isn’t as simple as it might sound, and de Leeuw finds herself spiraling deeper and deeper into the obsession. Their apartment is too small for the task, so she rents a warehouse and begins categorizing and chronicling. With humor, quirkiness and style, de Leeuw manages to tackle some big questions about, well, all sorts of stuff.

Screening with:
Man Who Lived on His Bike
Guillaime Blanchet | 2012 | Canada | 5m
What can you do on a bicycle? For Guillaume Blanchet, the question is what can’t you do? In this two-minute homage to bikes and the bike obsessed, Blanchet eats, sleeps, showers, shaves, works, cooks and even dates—all from atop his man-powered machine.

Living Tiny
Paul Donatelli & Paul Meyers | 2011 | USA | 6m
“People like having lots of stuff, Americans in particular,” says one of the characters in the charming documentary Living Tiny. In a country obsessed with growth and progress, there is a small, but growing, population of people who are rejecting the axiom that “bigger is better” and are downsizing. Their tiny abodes, no larger than 200 square feet, are not caging them, but liberating them from a culture of consumption. “Ultimately you can only occupy 12 square feet of space at a time. Everything else is just a place to keep your stuff.”