Q&A with director Jorge Tur!

Jorge Tur’s feature-length documentary delves into the legend of a 16th-century bandit from the north of Spain, who robbed the rich to give to the poor. But the film winds up being a reflexive portrait of documentary’s inability to focus on anything beyond the visible, as well as a tragicomic stroll through a land whose wounds are seemingly always fresh.

Screening with:

Mr. Easter / Salve Melilla
Óscar Pérez, Spain, 2006, digital projection, 52m
Spanish with English subtitles

Symbols of its imperialist past, Spain still has two cities in African territory: Ceuta and Melilla. Filming the host of a local television show that broadcasts the various religious events that comprise Holy Week in Melilla and employing the stylistic tools of cinema verité, Óscar Pérez envisions a portrait of Spain’s essence as manifested by a city forsaken by the mainland.