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The Kingdom I – Dec. 16-22
The Kingdom II – Dec. 23-27
The Kingdom Exodus – Dec. 28-Jan. 2

Heads continue to roll in the four-part sequel to Lars von Trier’s The Kingdom I, where the hospital’s otherworldly forces have been manifesting among its staff and patients, including in its youngest: the newborn offspring of a demon-doctor (Udo Kier, in both roles). Effortlessly weaving a tapestry of bizarre plots, including a satanic cult, doctor masonry, malpractice victims, zombie poison, and a cancerous liver implant, Trier—who delivers a tuxedoed outro after each episode—ramps up the absurd humor behind the show’s ethereal and corporeal phenomena. The second installment takes twisted pleasure in exploring Denmark’s bureaucratic healthcare system and connecting it to humanity’s darkest impulses, building a masterpiece of horror-satire that is as brutally unnerving as it is hilarious. An NYFF35 selection. A MUBI release. Restored from the original S16mm prints by Zentropa. 

Please note: There will be a 30-minute intermission during the screening.