Director in person for Q&A at both screenings!

French politicians have been in the news a lot lately, making this breathless political thriller especially timely. A cabinet minister in charge of national transportation believes himself to be a man of the people. He wants to be good, but in order to get anything done he must compromise, cajole, bend, and even betray. Tight, sexy, tough, and humane, The Minister, whose original French title translates as “The Exercise of State,” chronicles the transformation of an idealist into a pragmatist. Olivier Gourmet, known to American art-house audiences as the star of films by the Dardennes Brothers (who are among The Minister’s co-producers), provides another memorable portrayal of a man at odds with his principles, and Pierre Schöller, with his second feature, has catapulted himself to the front rank of French filmmakers. Thank you to Unifrance.