“Last summer they were pets. Now they are predators.” So goes the tagline for this vintage title from the When Animals Attack pantheon, brought to you by the director of Enter the Dragon. Led by a vicious mongrel, dogs abandoned by summer vacationers form a ravenous pack of man-eaters that terrorizes the island community’s few permanent residents in search of a square meal. Seventies tough-guy icon Joe Don Baker plays the marine biologist who rallies the surviving inhabitants and a luckless fishing party of bankers and holes up to prepare for a siege by Man’s Not So Best Friend. Robert Clouse assembles a strong supporting cast (R.G Armstrong, Richard B. Schull, and Bibi Besch) but you’ll have to see for yourself which ones end up as dog food. Set on an island that’s curiously devoid of telephones, The Pack was shot in Bodega Bay, making it an unmistakable four-legged homage to The Birds. Call it Enter the Canine.