Closing Night! Screening followed by an extended Q&A between Radu Muntean and Film Society Associate Program Director Scott Foundas. Introduction by actor Andi Vasluianu.

One of the most important works of the Romanian New Wave, Muntean’s second feature plunges us into the confusion of the long night of Dec. 22, 1989, the final night of the Romanian Revolution. With no one sure who is running the country or if, perhaps, a counter-coup has restored Ceauşescu to power, a military tank command hunkers down in a quiet Bucharest suburb, awaiting orders but mainly trying to stay out of trouble. A young militiaman, Costi (Paul Ipate), eager to join the rebel forces, escapes from the unit and heads to the National Television station. His captain, Lt. Neagu (Adi Carauleanu), is worried that Costi’s desertion might lead to his unit being tagged pro-Ceauşescu. He assembles a patrol to go on a manhunt, while nervous citizens watch history unfolding on their television sets, in this extraordinary, you-are-there account of the dawn of a new Romania.