Q&A with Radu Muntean and actor Andi Vasluianu!

In debt to the Gypsy mafia for $7,000 after failing to throw an illegal street race, wayward youths Luca (Dragos Bucur) and Felie (Andi Vasluianu) ensnare Luca’s high-school friend, Mona (Dorina Chiriac), in their scheme to repay mob boss Gabonu (Adrian Tuli). But these not especially well-laid plans quickly go awry, Luca and Mona go on the lam, and The Rage blossoms into an unexpected romance—albeit with the threat of danger ever present. A largely atypical work of the Romanian New Wave, Muntean’s highly accomplished debut feature recalls the early films of Quentin Tarantino in its energetic mix of genre conventions, nimble juggling of disparate tones, memorably offbeat characters, and unexpected plot detours.