North American Premiere! Director Radu Gabrea and actress Victoria Cocias in person!

Following his trilogy of films based on real events that took place in Romania in the 1940s and ‘50s (The Beheaded Rooster, Gruber's Journey and Red Gloves), Radu Gabrea takes on the hottest issue in recent Romanian history: the 1989 Revolution. He brings a fresh perspective, one that is rarely shown—the point of view of the Ceaușescus’ themselves. The film—part documentary, part reenactment—spans the three days beginning with their escape from the Central Committee building and ending with their execution on Christmas Day. Gabrea is inspired enough not to show the real Ceaușescus at all (while using real footage to represent the other characters), hitting upon an intriguing mix of true fiction (the reenactments) and false reality (media manipulation). It's a revealing document, functioning very much like a piece of archive footage that national television forgot to air in December ‘89.