The world of transmedia is a beautiful place to visit but telling your story there can get expensive quickly. Whether you are seasoned producer or a greenhorn looking to dip your toe into the water, this handy guide will show you how to affordably produce a compelling cross-platform project without compromising on quality. Join tour guide Brian Fountain, and discover some of Transmedia’s best kept secrets. You’ll learn about emerging technologies that are affordable or free. Plus insider secrets on how to recruit top talent to your next project. All for the price of a Starbucks Venti Caramel Macchiato per day. Presented by Brian Fountain.

Brian Fountain

Brian Fountain is an award winning developer and game designer with more than a decade of experience in transmedia storytelling. He has designed experiences that span multiple platforms, including: mobile, web and live events. His outdoor game, ZOWN, recently debuted at the 2012 Come Out and Play Festival. His team, Cupcakes and Rainbows, won the first ever Story Hackathon held at Lincoln Center. He is a co-lyricist and co-composer of the musical Freak Dance which was selected as part of the 2011 Austin Film Festival's Comedy Vanguard Series. He is a co-founder of Prototype161, a transmedia gaming company twice-recognized for excellence by Indiecade. He is also a Senior Agent with Improv Everywhere.