Kazuya Shiraishi and Yoshinori Chiba will be in person at the Opening Night screening, which will be followed by a reception sponsored by Tsingtao.

Go Ayano will be presented with a Screen International Rising Star Asia Award and participate in a Q&A at the 6/28 screening.

Taking his inspiration from the biggest scandal in Japan’s police history, Kazuya Shiraishi has created a massive and sinister crime epic about the grand forces of corruption that brings to mind the best of Kinji Fukasaku’s yakuza movies (Cops vs. Thugs among others). Starting in 1970s Hokkaido like a nervous Japanese Starsky & Hutch–chan, the film charts the moral descent of Detective Moroboshi (Go Ayano) over three decades. Green in years but already hard-grained and ready to play rough, the young cop quickly gets a bit too cozy with the other side of the law when his senior colleague Murai (Pierre Taki) teaches him the ropes and ruts of the police business. Soon, he swaggers and rants through the streets of Sapporo a lean, mean, sex-crazy bully, indistinguishable from a yakuza. Burning with the same blaze as the hard-boiled classics of yore, Twisted Justice scorches away the sleekness and macho self-congratulation of the genre.