Q&A with Thierry de Peretti on March 6

Based on the real-life scandal that led to the 2017 indictment of police chief François Thierry for drug smuggling, Undercover patiently untangles a complicated trafficking scheme that unfolded within the legal system itself. When informant Hubert Antoine (Roschdy Zem) makes his initial outreach to Libération journalist Stéphane Vilner (Pio Marmaï), he produces documentation that reveals narcotics chief Jacques Billard (Vincent Lindon, also in this year’s Opening Night selection Fire) to be a high-level trafficker. The dogged, sometimes thorny relationship between the two men over three years—and the consequences of their revelations—drive this methodical procedural in the tradition of All the President’s Men and Spotlight, shot by Claire Mathon (Portrait of a Lady on Fire) with classical restraint and elegance.