New York Premiere!

Director Shane Carruth in person at all screenings!

Ever since his 2004 debut, filmmaker Shane Carruth has prompted curiosity over what he’d come up with next. Upstream Color meets expectations but is also starkly different and markedly advanced. It represents something new in American cinema, exploring life’s surprising jumps and science’s strange effects. A love story embedded in a kidnap plot, Upstream Color leaps with great audacity through its sequences, a cinematic simulacrum of the way we reflect on our lives, astonished at, as in the title of Grace Paley’s fiction collection, our Enormous Changes at the Last Minute. Upstream Color opens in New York on April 5.

Screening with:

Lucy Raven | 2012 | USA | 5m

Hollywood’s Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers (SMPTE) develops image standards that can be used to test the quality of a film projection. Noted artist Lucy Raven riffs on this in RP31, her new animation composed from 31 film projection test patterns and calibration charts. North American Premiere!