Yezi returns to her home by the Flower Fish Pond to spend her last college summer vacation with her grandmother, who seems to have dementia. Following traces of grandma’s folklore tales and supernatural apparitions, Yezi encounters pond monsters at a midnight ceremony. The monsters reveal the whereabouts of her deceased grandfather in a parallel world. As Yezi wanders between the two worlds, constantly gathering fragments of forgotten childhood memories, the connection between past and present gradually emerges. This marvelous, enigmatic, sentimental story takes viewers to a secret spot by the pond, where the boundary between dreams and reality is gently blurred.

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All the Crows In The World / 天下乌鸦
Tang Yi, Hong Kong, 2021, 14m
Mandarin and Zhuang with English subtitles
In this deadpan satire and Cannes Palme d’Or winner, a high school girl infiltrates the city’s nightlife and encounters the hilariously indefatigable male gaze.

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