World Premiere! Q&A with Radu Muntean!

Radu Muntean and his longtime collaborator Alexandru Baciu (who co-wrote The Paper Will Be Blue, Boogie, and Tuesday, After Christmas) find love where one least expects it, throwing a compassionate look on long-term convicts who found their soul-mates while confined. For this clean-cut, nonjudgmental documentary made for HBO Romania, the directors maintain a steady distance from their subjects, yet manage to enter their most intimate thoughts. We get to know how their relationships begin and turn into marriage, and the description of the system of sending letters within the jail is simply captivating. Even more compelling is the legal trick they use in order to meet: by suing each other over false accusations. For people who no longer have anything left to lose, embracing love possibly represents their only hope for a better future.  Please note: Aldmission will be charged. for this screening, which will be in the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center.