Angèle’s parents first fell in love on the front lines of Maoist protests; now they are separated, and Angèle, an idealistic urban planner, struggles with the compromises her family has made in exchange for comfortable lives. Actress Judith Davis’s playful and passionate feature directorial debut follows Angèle, played by Davis herself, into a contemporary Paris that missed the revolutionary memo, long after the movements sparked by May ’68 have faded into history. Fueled by a bleeding activist heart that sometimes backs her into a corner, Angèle strives to reconcile her radical values with relatives who are trending more and more bourgeois. And faced with the opportunity to reconnect with her estranged mother (Mireille Perrier, J’entends plus la guitare), who has retreated from the dreams that Angèle is now pursuing, she locates the strength of her convictions in her dedication to meaningful interpersonal connection. North American Premiere

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