Being a teenage girl is traumatizing enough. Being a teenage girl who learns she is gradually transforming into a monster is way worse. Marie (promising newcomer Sonia Suhl) begins seeing signs that she’s inherited the werewolf curse from her mother, who’s practically a vegetable due to heavy sedation. Her father (Lars Mikkelsen) and the family doctor try to medicate Marie as well, but she refuses this safety measure, preferring to embrace the hairy beast she’s becoming. As small-town rumors swirl, she’s deemed a threat by her fish-factory co-workers—all of whom shun her, with the exception of Daniel (Jakob Oftebro), the extraordinarily loyal boy she’s fallen for. Both a melancholy coming-of-age film, and a tragedy-tinged tale of young love, When Animals Dream recalls Let the Right One In with its raw and moody feel, and its structure, built on slow character development and then topped off with a merciless unleashing of carnage and revenge. A RADiUS-TWC release.