Whispers in the Dark is an immersive fiction experience in which a non-actor participant will become the lead character in a story that plays out over 24 hours in settings throughout New York City.  A young psychic spends the night investigating a room that has recently become haunted in Lincoln Center. Her encounter with the ghost sets her on a odyssey through the hidden worlds of New York City to uncover a dark secret.  A professional cast plays the characters that appear and engage with the participant in the real-world locations, while an invisible crew captures the entire experience in one extended 24-hour “take.” The experience culminates at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, where highlights from the adventure will be screened on September 30, 2012 during a live presenation. Presented by Jeff Wirth.

Jeff Wirth


Jeff Wirth is the President of Wirth Creative in New York City, where he develops interactive story experiences for simulation, research, and entertainment.  Jeff has consulted for Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, and Disney Imagineering.  He authored the book, Interactive Acting, and has written and directed over 100 interactive narrative experiences.  For 10 years, Jeff served as the Director of the Interactive Performance Lab at the University of Central Florida, where he invented new media/performance applications, including StoryBox, described as a “live-action” Holodeck; SimuLife, inspired by the movies The Game and The Truman Show; and a Virtual Puppeteering System for online interactive narrative.  Jeff's eclectic background also includes ballroom dancing, computer programming, and clowning for the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.  To learn more, visit www.WirthCreative.com.